Dr. Pamela S Alexander, PhD

Transforming the Soul

Dr. Pamela Alexander, PhD


Pamela began recording her dreams in 1996 soon after a spiritual experience, which opened her to a greater awareness of reality. She had no framework, at the time, for her experience and it has taken years for the meaning to be more fully realized. Pamela has been working to integrate and embody this revelation of consciousness, since it happened. Her dreams have been pivotal in breaking down old outdated paradigms to assist in this transformation.

She has interpreted and worked with her dreams faithfully since 1998. Dreams guide and inform every aspect of her life. They expand her sense of who she is and revealed innate gifts in art and writing. The healing work with her own dreams, and the dreams of others, led to the development of her unique transformative approach to dreamwork.

Pamela's undergraduate degree is in Interior Design and she spent years as a corporate designer. In September of 2016, she received a PhD in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her dissertation was an exploration of the inner sacred marriage and birth of Divine Love.

She is interested in art; poetry, writing; fairy tales, myths, and  literature; alchemy, mysticism, and esoteric traditions; the Divine Feminine and Masculine; depth psychology, CG Jung, synchronicity, soul, the body, and dreamwork; yoga, meditation, and spirituality; cycling, cross-country skiing, dancing, hiking, and nature.

Pamela speaks publicly on dreams, poetry, fairy tales and myths as they relate to the transformation of consciousness on a personal and collective level. She conducts dream workshops, and offers private sessions in dreamwork. She is an artist, writer, certified as an Integral Yoga teacher and a Shake Your Soul creative movement instructor.

Pamela is a member of Depth Psychology Alliance and the Association of Dreamwork Practitioners