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Dr. Pamela Alexander has been working with her own dreams, and those of her clients, for over twenty years. This exploration has led to a method of working with dreams that has evolved through years of experience. Her unique embodied approach leads to a grounded integration of dream content and opens the dreamer to the potential for transformation. 

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Why Work with Dreams?

When you develop a steady practice of working with dreams, you are able to access the wisdom they contain regarding all aspects of your life. You build your own language over time with the dream Source, which makes understanding easier and integration more possible. This Source is your personal guide through life. It wants you to thrive, be authentic, healthy, and whole. The dreams will work with you every night consistently, year after year, for as long as you are alive. They are completely and totally dedicated to you, your success, and your well being. 


Remembering Dreams

1.  Place a pad and pen, or recording device, beside your bed.

2. Set your intention each night before going to sleep, "I will remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning, and I will write them down." Repeat this ever night before drifting off to sleep until you remember. 

3. Upon waking, and before stirring, try to recall any information from your dreams. Anything is worth noting... feelings, sensations, vague memories, thoughts, or actual content.

4. If you don't have enough time to write the whole dream down, jot down a few notes to help you remember later. Write the rest of the dream as soon as possible for the most accurate recall. 



 "I've always considered dreams to be fascinating and powerful tools of transformation - with Pam's expert  skills, warmth, unique perspective, and wise insights - I've been able to tap even deeper into my own dreams. From the mythic, to everyday practical terms, Pam makes the joy of dream tending accessible to everyone!- California Dreamer 

"Pam is an amazing diviner of dreams. I consulted with her when I had a Big Dream and only a vague yet urgent sense of its importance. I just knew it was a very important communication about a new line of work. Pam unraveled and unveiled the symbolism and meaning of the images with incredible depth, intuition, and mastery. She helped me to see my psyche's powerful messages (even though my mind didn't  believe it) of my future path. She shed light on and challenged unconscious ways I was holding myself back from stepping into my gifts and power. Her in-depth knowledge of Jungian psychology, access to her spirit guides, and love of sharing what she knows, will have me  returning again with more dreams. Her passion, delight, and enthusiasm are simply contagious. Thank you, Pam, for being here and sharing your gift!  --Mytrae Meliana, San Francisco 

"I had a dream analysis session with Pamela and wanted to offer a summary of my experience: Pamela gently and deftly guided our session as we tightened the weave between the dream world and the awakened one. The process was both poetic and palpable in the feeling of love and the energy of healing. As the session wound to a close, it was liberating to have followed the common chord connecting so many aspects of my life and incredibly soul satisfying to see, feel and realize them as coming to a simple and resolvable common theme in my world! The session was a really remarkable awakening in it’s  own right and I never would have guessed the web of my life all so  connected through a discordant seeming bit of dream memory." --Milly  Gallik 

Association of Dreamwork Practitioners (ADP) Code of Ethics

(revised 05.14.14)

The  ADP Code of Ethics sets the basic ground rules for all dreamwork done by members of the Association.The code seeks to develop practitioner and client relationships that have integrity, sensitivity and mutual respect. It places the dreamwork within the frame of basic ethical principles of honesty and fair dealing so that clients can know that  practitioners are worthy of their trust, in seeking to be accountable to ordinary common sense standards of right and wrong.

Dreamwork Practitioners make a commitment to:


--Collaborate with the utmost respect for the clients to find the truth of their dream 

--Their own personal growth in relationship to learning from the dream.
--Focus on being clear messengers, within their capabilities as students of the dream.

--Ensure that sessions are strictly confidential. Only with prior permission of the client will session contents be anonymously shared for teaching or professional purposes.
--Clearly define the boundaries of the practitioner/client relationship.
--Make clear what is appropriate contact in between sessions.
--Provide clients with tools and perspectives that encourage taking personal responsibility for their own work.
--Not have sexual relationships with clients.
--Not borrow money from clients, nor lend money to them.
--Avoid imposing their own values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors on clients.
--Avoid relationships with clients outside the dream session that would make them dependent on the practitioner.

--Inform the client of session fees including, payment schedules, cancellation policy.

--Make available to clients the Dreamwork Practitioner Code of Ethics.
--Inform clients of the practitioner’s qualifications.
--Inform clients that since dreamwork asks that they delve deeply into their own  psyches, latent or present negative emotions and/or mental disorders may intensify, and in that event, they may need to seek outside support from a physician or a professional.
--Acquire permission of the client to allow anonymous discussion of their work for peer support, supervision and teaching purposes.

--Adhere to the intelligence of the dream as the guide.
--Seek support from other practitioners when the well being of the client is uncertain or unclear.
--Appropriately  advise clients to other professionals when their predicament seems beyond the practitioner’s skill, experience, or training.
--Refer the client to another dreamwork practitioner when we believe that accepting a  client will result in a conflict of interests.
--Engage in ongoing professional development as dreamwork practitioners on an individual basis.

Association of Dreamwork Practitioners