Dr. Pamela S Alexander, Dreams, Author, & Artist

Awakening the Soul with Dreams, Art, Poetry, Beauty, and Writings.

Awakening the Soul with Dreams, Art, Poetry, Beauty, and Writings.



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Free Intro Session

Schedule a free 30-60 minute session with Dr. Alexander to explore the possibility of working with her to awaken your soul with embodied dreamwork. 

Available Now: Initiation of the Soul



 We are in the midst of an epic evolution in consciousness that involves a radical shift in orientation from the ego to the heart and soul. This transformative process requires  a breaking down of the old form, which we are witnessing personally and  collectively, to create the space for something new to emerge. 

As we live from the soul and express our deepest truths, we actively participate in this change. Life experiences may seem as though they're random, but in fact they have an intention, deeper meaning, and purpose, which is to facilitate this transformation within us. Everything is  occurring to free us from our old beliefs, outdated ways of living, and  any limiting ideas we have about life and ourselves. 

In INITIATION OF THE SOUL, Dr. Pamela Alexander explores the soul's journey  through myth and classic fairy tales. In the initiatory mythic story of  "Psyche and Amor," the goddess of love orchestrates events in order to  awaken the soul from its slumber. The heroine faces challenging tasks  that draw the deeper truth of the soul's inherent wholeness, freedom, and power out of the unconscious and into an embodied awareness. Dr. Alexander proceeds from there to explore fairy tales that speak to the issues that arise during the soul's emergence. These stories  symbolically instruct us as to how to resolve our fears and open to love. As inner restrictions are cleared, we can embody expanded versions of ourselves and become more stable in a chaotic and uncertain world. The stories guide us to free the soul from an egoic identification, which is buffeted by the winds of change and the opinions of others, to the unshakeable ground of being within. Then, we are empowered to live in freedom and wholeness as we participate in the creation of a new world.

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Have you had a dream that you feel is important but don't understand the message?

Are you feeling challenged in some area of your life and don't know how to navigate it?

In a world where we are inundated with an endless stream of information, it is important for us to access our own inner wisdom, to discover our own truths, and live authentically. 

Your dreams are guiding you every night to a life of greater fulfillment and well-being. 

Are you listening?  

Dreams contain empowering wisdom that enables us to successfully navigate all aspects of our lives. They address health, relationships, career, spirituality, beliefs, mental health, truths, and every part of our lives to help us achieve greater consciousness.They challenge outdated ideas and replace them with new realities to expand our sense of who we are and the world we live in. Dreams guide and inspire us to become fully authentic and live our truth. 

Dreams deliver personal information about all areas of your life nightly. It's important to listen to them and to understand what they are saying. Dreams will make your life better in every way imaginable. 




 "When I first met Pam and heard her talk about dreams, (which was over 10 years ago now), I never imagined the profound affect it could have on my life. Not only is the system that Pam has developed unique and incredibly intuitive, while still being sourced from brilliant study, but she, herself, has a gift.  When you work with her, I think you will agree that it is one of those experiences where you leave thinking 'Wow...this person had to be put on earth to offer this gift to us.' My goal in life is to live in Love, and model Love in the world, vs. fear, and in doing deep, root work in myself via the dream sessions with Pam, I really feel like that's becoming an attainable goal instead of just an ideal to which I can just aspire."

 "Pam Alexander is a master at dream interpretation. By looking at her client’s dream symbols in relationship to the individual’s life path, she assists them in moving forward through what may otherwise be a very confusing, and sometimes scary, message. With her patience and deliberation, she is able to help us see the dreams from an alternate perspective, bringing a positive approach and enlightenment to the mystery.
I have gone from worrying about what my dreams mean to looking forward to the next one, so much so, that I now journal them all. I have become fascinated by the messages and find that they are leading me through an inner awakening.
Pam has the innate ability to weave the interpretation of symbols together in a fashion that enhances the journey through life of her clients. The best way I can describe this process is 'WOW!' Thank you, Pam! ❤️ "  - Julia K. 

"Having worked with Pam on numerous occasions, I have found her to be extremely astute in gathering nuanced dream elements and piecing together a comprehensible, meaningful, whole.  Moreover, her respectful approach engaging psyche allows the dream voice to speak openly to conscious awareness -- an interaction critical for understanding the intended messages of dreams. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Pam as an expert source for tenderly and  compassionately holding space for our deepest selves to be heard, heeded, and healed."

 -- D. D. 

Dreams ~ Writing ~ Art


Dreamwork Sessions

An initial 30 minute consultation is scheduled to discuss the process and to see if it feels like a good fit.

Dreamers commit to a minimum of 6 months, which is necessary to facilitate a transformational shift in which you are able to see the consistent value in your dreams and to develop a solid practice. The Skype, phone, or in person sessions are 75-90 minutes.  

The dreamer emails three dreams before each meeting. The session begins with you reading your dreams out loud and then sharing any insights or associations. One dreams is chosen and is explored a section at a time. 

We discuss what the dream may be saying to reach the deeper meaning, while maintaining an awareness of the body and its corresponding responses. The body's innate wisdom contributes to an understanding of what is being evoked by the dream.  

A response to the message of the dreams is discussed. An  understanding of the dream is usually reached by the end of the session. We will know that we have the correct dream message when you feel the rightness of the interpretation. You will just know.   

Sometimes only one section of a dream may be worked through in a session, and at other times, all three will be tended. As the sessions progress, it becomes more obvious how your psyche is transforming through the process, which will be reflected in your dreams and waking life as well.



Pamela Alexander is the author of the Wisdom of the Swan blog, which is an exploration of the soul, spirituality, dreams, the transformation of consciousness, and symbolism. It's in the interest of reaching a deeper understanding of the meaning in myth, fairy tales, dreams,story, and current phenomena as they relate to the evolution of humanity, collectively and personally. 

Pamela's first book, Psyche's Poetry: Beauty to Awaken the Soul, is a compilation of art and spiritual poetry, which is to inspire and awaken the soul to its true nature.

She recently published Initiation of the Soul: Myths and Fairy Tales as a Path of Awakening to Freedom and Wholeness,  which is a symbolic interpretation of a collection of stories about the initiatory journey of the soul. Life experiences are intending to awaken the soul to the love, beauty, and truth of ourselves and the world. Embark on a path to discover your deepest authentic life.



Pamela's artistic interests began at the age of thirty because of dreams, which came night after night, of her painting in art classes. She didn't understand the dreams at the time because she wasn't aware of any talent. After a few classes with art teachers who told her that she was gifted, she began to take it more seriously. Pamela has been creating art ever since...